Hockey News IE Browser Theme 0.9.2

Hockey News IE Browser Theme 0.9.2: The Official Hockey News theme for the Internet Explorer Web Browser Get ready for NHL playoffs with the Official Hockey News Internet Explorer browser theme - follow all the action with this custom browser theme for IE. Capture the excitement of NHL hockey right in your Internet Explorer browser... includes custom toolbar and an un-installer!

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EMCO Default Internet-Mail 1.9.15

browser settings or your default email settings? Have you got comfortable with your browser settings and your Email application but are having problems now with the settings changes automatically or every time when you launch an internet page it opens in a different browser? Want to get back to your previous settings? You need EMCO Default Internet-Mail; a perfect solution that helps you to restore and keep your preferred settings for your browser

default browser, internet settings, default mail client, mail settings

Square1 Web Browser 1.2: Probably the simplest web browser in the world.
Square1 Web Browser 1.2

Probably the simplest web browser in the world. Perfect for the technophobe that just doesn`t want all those menus and buttons, excellent for children too, or if you just want a quick and simple emergency browser. Get back to Square1...... Includes built-in Popup Blocker Unaffected by browser hijackers and toolbars.

internet, explorer, firefox, mozilla, browser, surf, opera

Genealogy Browser 1.0: Genealogy Browser is a genealogy-themed web browser
Genealogy Browser 1.0

Genealogy Browser is a genealogy-themed web browser that delivers easy access to genealogy related websites. Featuring a built in directory of hundreds of genealogy related links, Genealogy Browser automatically finds new genealogy websites and should save you time when doing research.

genealogy research, genealogy search, ancestors, surnames, genealogy browser, genealogy, genealogy software, family tree, genealogy sites

24 hour fitness 1.0: Browser add on, Internet Explorer, this a browser tool for all who enjoy weather
24 hour fitness 1.0

Browser add on, Internet Explorer, this a browser tool for all who enjoy weather and would like a highlighter.If you enjoy a browser with a few extra funtions and your tired of your old browser. Try it.

24 hour fitness, internet tool bar

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NetCaptor 7.5.4

browser on the planet! Other browsers only show one page at a time or squish them together in an overlapping mess. NetCaptor gives each web site its own tab. NetCaptor is the original tabbed browser. Not browsing with tabs? Try NetCaptor and you`ll never browse the old way again. NetCaptor supports multiple browser tabs, site-specific tab icons, banner ad and popup window blocking by URL, full P3P privacy notification support, advanced security options

tabs, browser tabs, tabbed, browser, netcaptor, quicksearch, popups, tabbed browser

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MySpace Browser 1.0.0

MySpace Browser is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to use MySpace. The Myspace Enhanced Browser is full of many features. Features include auto-login, colorful comments, unpimp someone`s profile, block flash, get on MySpace even if its blocked, easily add new layouts, graphics, and much more! Download now and see what you`ve been missing.

myspace enhanced, myspace enahanced browser, socialbrowsr, social browsr, myspace browser

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